Marketing Magic

We call it “Marketing Magic” because it works like magic, and it takes a lot of time and skill to prepare.

A. Publish good books.

B. Publish good books that are expertly edited and indexed.

C. Publish in the top 3 formats: paper books, ebooks, and audiobooks.

D. Website — Every book gets a Website and an active blog.

E. Make Email lists with WPMailster, and then take advantage of their advanced and automated features.

F. Make YouTube channels. Unlike Social Media groups (and their limited “organic traffic”), they reach 100 percent of the audience.

G. Make a book cover that makes readers say “Wow!”

H. Develop two or three niche areas that the publishing company specializes in.

I. Get your book translated and/or seek foreign rights.

J. Use SMM (Social Media Marketing) in the right amounts. Work with Goodreads, the site, and assorted Social Media (especially Twitter and Pinterest) — but be careful about throwing away too much time and money here.

K. Get book reviews from real sources and persons. Never pay for a book review.

L. Libraries — Actively pursue the Library market USA worldwide.

M. Use “Content Marketing” to attract new readers.

N. News —
Keep current about publishing news and trends.

O. Work on SEO using Google Analytics and “RankMath” plugin.

P. [ more ideas coming … ]